Kurt Isaacson

website: http://kurtisaacson.com

Kurt Isaacson is a composer whose music is often characterized by complex arrays of color, cutting dissonances, and structural fractures. Heavily influenced by literature, poetry, and painting — which typically manifest as allusive or highly abstracted elements in many of his pieces — Kurt’s music explores themes of identity, artificiality, syntax, paranoia, longing, and corruption. Recently, he has undertaken an extensive project utilizing the poetry of Matthea Harvey, resulting in a series of works including pieces for bassist Scott Worthington, Ensemble Adapter, Ensemble Dal Niente, and culminating in a lengthy song cycle for soprano Liz Pearse and flutist Elise Roy setting Harvey’s pioneering work “the future of terror.”
Kurt studied at Oberlin Conservatory of Music under Lewis Nielson, and at Stanford University under Brian Ferneyhough and Erik Ulman.
Kurt is originally from Batavia, Illinois. He currently lives in Bowling Green, Ohio, with his girlfriend and frequent collaborator, flutist Elise Roy.

wasteland concerts

  • April 4, 2014