Call for Scores

We received over 830 entries during our call for scores! Thank you to everyone who submitted for sharing your work with us. After careful review we chose 4 pieces to be presented on wasteLAnd’s third season.

Ilhas – d’incise

Susurrus – Panayiotis Kokoras

Purple Quartz – Timothy Harenda

quasi_blue 3.0 – Ryan Fellhauer

Narrowing 830 entries down to 4 pieces was extraordinarily difficult. There were many great pieces that we were quite impressed with and wish we would could have programmed. Among these pieces were the following works.

Honorable Mentions:
difficult ferns – Adam Zahller
Landscape: Texas Plains – Chaz Underriner
SJ-LaC_Etf – Ulrike Mayer-Spohn
treader always in station – Marek Poliks
Voy a dormer – soprano, bass flute, clarinet – Annelies Van Parys
scaffold – Daniel Silliman
A Thing is a Hole in a Thing it is Not (III) – Andrew Greenwald

L’ora blue – Marco Longo
Loin – Rodrigo Bussad
come una stele – Andrea Pidoto
Bang! – [identity not provided]
KILN II – Timothy McCormack
Push (2); Crave – Amadeus Regucera
Sa Kanyang Paglayag (In His Voyage) – Juro Kim Feliz
cloches – Matthias S. Krüger
megrims – Chris Fisher-Lochhead
Fantasy: Dreams of Toyland – Samara Rice