April 4, 2014

ArtShareLA, 8pm, $10
801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Nina Young Meditation
Brian Griffeath-Loeb …on par with grass & twigs
Fernanda Aoki Navarro Emptying the Body
Mark Menzies “two deaths” & “18” from 11 elegies and a love song
Kurt Isaacson the way of all flesh (world premiere)
Nicholas Deyoe Erstickend (world premiere)

When meditating on the boundary between opposites, the most basic elements of sound take on a new meaning and carry deepened impact. The second edition of wasteLAnd is programmed around instances of musical and metaphorical thresholds, each of its six pieces dwelling in some way on the unusual phenomena one finds there. Limits of corporeality, audibility, velocity, possibility (among several others) come to the fore. Apparently disparate sounds are revealed to have closer ties than one might expect. Subtle shadings of pitch come to feel a world apart. Whether in the fragility of multiphonics, the reimagining of an instrument, or the disorientation of dizzying speed and virtuosity, featured composers seek richness at the edges of identity.

Rachel Beetz, bass flute
Nicholas Deyoe, electric guitar & conductor
Steve Lewis, prepared piano
Michael Matsuno, alto flute
Mark Menzies, violin
Ryan Nestor, percussion
Steve Solook, percussion
Derek Stein, violoncello
Christine Tavolacci, flute
Ian Walker, baritone
Ashley Walters, violoncello
Scott Worthington, double bass