February 27, 2015
Concert 2
ArtShareLA, 8pm, $10

801 E. 4th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Parking is free during events directly across the street from ArtShare, up the ramp.

Brian Griffeath-Loeb: Recomposition No. 4
Brian Ferneyhough: Etudes Transcendantales
Elisabeth Lutyens: Lament of Isis on the Death of Osiris
Brian Ferneyhough: Terrain

Stephanie Aston, soprano
Mark Menzies, violin

Rachel Beetz, flute
Matt Barbier, trombone
Nicholas Deyoe, conductor
Allen Fogle, french horn
Jonah Levy, trumpet
Paul Sherman, oboe
Jon Stehney, bassoon
Richard Valitutto, harpsichord
Brian Walsh, clarinet
Ashley Walters, cello
Scott Worthington, double bass

Kurt Isaacson’s article on Ferneyhough   /modern archeological practice – part 2