February 7, 2014

Identity Resection
ArtShareLA, 8pm, $10

Daniel Eaton Body Waves
Clinton McCallum Bowel Resection
Anna Thorvaldsdottir Hidden
Carlos Iturralde An oy

Wasteland’s inaugural concert, Identity Resection, presents music of physical procedures and hidden identities. New and recent works by Iturralde, Eaton, McCallum, and Thorvaldsdottir reframe the identities of the voices and instruments for which these pieces are composed. McCallum pushes the trombone/trombonist to the limits of its/his physical ability mechanizing the human and humanizing the machine and Thorvaldsdottir redefines the use of the piano to reveal and magnify the sounds buried inside of the instrument. Iturralde amplifies, dramatizes, and manipulates the extremes of a soprano’s breath control and Eaton slowly builds a pulsing harmony, surrounding the audience in its resonant ambiance.

Stephanie Aston, voice
Matt Barbier, trombone
Justin DeHart, percussion
Nicholas Deyoe, conductor
Daniel Eaton, trombone
Batya MacAdam-Somer, violin
Jon Stehney, recorder