Study for Eurydice

Featuring two pieces from our call for scores, and centered around works by Michelle Lou and Erik Ulman, this concert explores the curious space between lyricism and fragmentation, where conventional phrases give way to abstracted and increasingly distended sonic debris.

October 30, 2015
Concert 1
ArtShareLA, 8pm, $10

801 E. 4th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Parking is free during events directly across the street from ArtShare, up the ramp.

Timothy HarendaPurple Quartz [call for scores selection]
Panayiotis KokorasSusurrus [call for scores selection]
Michelle Lou: Sections 1-20
Erik UlmanStudy for Eurydice 
Yvonne WuNew work

Mark Menzies, violin
Rachel Beetz, flute
Brian Walsh, bass clarinet
Richard Valitutto, piano
Justin DeHart, vibraphone
Derek Stein, cello
Nicholas Deyoe, electric guitar