Ritual is solemn. Ritual is unquestioning. Ritual is detail. Ritual reveals the beauty of subtle change. Ritual is meditation. Ritual may reveal something surprising beneath a seemingly familiar surface. Ritual is simultaneously inward and outward.

February 5, 2016
Concert 2
ArtShareLA, 8pm, $10

801 E. 4th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Parking is free during events directly across the street from ArtShare, up the ramp.

Michelle Lou: untitled three part construction
d’incise: Ilhas [call for scores selection]
Jessie Marino: Commitment :: Ritual I ::BiiM
Clarence Barlow: …until…

Cory Hills, percussion
Justin DeHart, percussion
Scott Worthington, double bass
Matt Barbier, trombone